Welcome to Eagle Eye Shooters Supply

Welcome to Eagle Eye Shooters Supply! I founded this company on customer service and respect for my customers.

Some of my new customer have some reservations on how we do business at first. This is normal as we open our house to you so that you can get the best customer service at the best price. If you are still skeptical I have a couple of quick questions for you:

Have you ever been to a big box store a trying to get someone’s attention?

Do you hate standing at a counter filling out forms with your personal information while others are standing there looking at what you are doing or wondering what you are purchasing?

All of my business is by appointment only and are done conveniently during the evenings and weekends. During your appointment we don’t answer the phone or check emails. Your appointment is just that… your appointment. I do ask my customers to show up on time for their appointment so that it doesn’t interfere with another persons appointment. 

If I don’t answer the phone, please leave me a message and I will get back to you. Your voicemail does get emailed to me on my cell phone. Also, please don’t hesitate to email me that comes to my cell phone as well.

I don’t normally keep a stock of guns. However, I can get just about anything you want within the limits of my license. I have dealer accounts set up with several of the same distributers that the big box stores have. I have real time access to my distributers inventory and can get normally get in stock items delivered in a couple of days.

I also have direct access to some of the top manufacturers to purchase directly from them. An example of these manufacturers include Caspian Arms, DPMS, Del-Ton, Spikes Tactical, Tactical Machining and Rock River Arms.

If you are a little more impulsive, we have preferred dealerships set up with a few of the big online retailers. These retailers are set up to automatically ship your purchase to me. Also, I am a transfer friendly Type 1 FFL for your auction or other online purchases.

If you are looking to refinish a firearm let me know. I do my refinishing with Cerakote. See my gallery page for examples of work that I have completed.

All prices that I quote for all products and services are cash based (we do accept checks from local banks). If paying by a Credit Card, it adds 3.5% to all prices listed or quoted.

Witness today what quality customer service is like. I don’t build a customer base, I build friendships.

Starting January 1st 2016 our transfer rates change. 

Outbound Firearm Transfer:

$20 for one Firearm (plus shipping)

$30 for two Firearms (plus shipping)

$40 for three Firearms (plus shipping)

For more than three Firearms $40 plus $5 for each additional firearm (plus shipping)

Inbound Firearm Transfers Policies:

I will no longer do multiple HAND GUN transfers within a 5 day period. On day 6 you can fill out another 4473 to pick up your next HAND GUN. Each additional HAND GUN will be subject to a $10 fee on a multiple gun order or transfer. Initial transfer is subject to the fee structure outlined below.

In 2016, I am simplifying the transfer fees. I will only have 2 transfer fees as outlined below. 

Inbound Transfer Fee for Firearms:

$20 for Transfers unless you have a CWP

$15 for Transfers for Valid Montana CWP holders, Active Duty or Reserve Military, Active Duty or Reserve Law Enforcement and First Responders (Discounts will no longer be stacked it will simply be a $15 transfer).

In 2017 I have introduced a new fee for transfers. Any firearm that sits in my shop over 7 days will be charged a $2 per day storage fees. Sorry people have gone shopping and have had firearms sit here for weeks taking up space. I need to keep firearms moving through my shop as space is limited.

I have updated my policies for 2017. Please visit my policies page for my policies.

Our hours are by appointment only. Appointments are available during weekdays from 5pm to 9pm and weekends from 9am to 9pm.

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