My Policies


I do business by appointment only during the evenings and weekends. Please understand that I have other customers and that if you are running late I may not be able to complete your transaction in time for the next appointment.

If you are running more than 15 minutes late I may have to cancel your appointment and reschedule. If you habitually re-schedule your appointment or if you fail to show up for your appointment you will be assessed a $15 fee per instance. Understand that I have to start charging for these actions as you are inconveniencing other customers.

Premises Policies

Unless you are a UNIFORMED Law Enforcement Officer, you need to keep your loaded firearm CONCEALED and SECURE if you have a valid Concealed Weapons Permit recognized by Montana. DO NOT expose, unholster or handle your firearm for any reason without my expressed permission. I understand that Montana has open carry, however, open carry is not permitted on premises and you will be asked to return to your vehicle to remove your loaded weapon.

Firearms, other than CONCEALED, should be brought onto the premises UNLOADED and preferably in a case or box. Any loaded firearm handled in front of me or handed to me will result in a LOADED FIREARM FEE. This includes firearms that are shipped to me.

If you are going to Conceal Carry on premises, you are required to have a valid Concealed Weapons Permit that The State of Montana recognizes regardless of State and County laws allowing concealed carry without a permit.

My property IS NOT child-friendly. I do appreciate that you leave the little ones at home unless they are directly involved in the sale or transfer of a firearm.

I do have dogs on the property and in the building.

My office is in the garage of the building. It used to be in the basement of the house but for security reasons for my family, I had to move it to the garage. I’m sorry but it will be a little warm in the summer and cold in the winter all because of a few former customers that have made us nervous.

Parking is provided at the base of the driveway off to the left (behind the Durango). A lot of my customer’s vehicles are generous with sharing and leave behind a memento of their visit on the driveway. Parking on the pullout on the left side keeps me from having to go out with a pressure washer frequently to erase this memento of your visit.

Pricing policies

I round all prices to the nearest dollar.

All prices quoted are cash based. Credit Card adds 3.5% to all prices quoted. I do this to give you the option to get the lowest price that I can.

Transfer Policies

I am not responsible for what happens in shipping. Please purchase insurance for all inbound and outbound transfers to protect your purchase or sale.

I only transfer 1 handgun or revolver to any individual in a 6 day period. On day 7 I will transfer another handgun or revolver. Feel free to purchase several handguns or revolvers, they will simply sit here waiting for your next transfer date.

Firearms not picked up in one week (7 consecutive calendar days) will be charged a storage fee of $2 per day per firearm.

Transfers will only be made to the purchaser of the firearm. We will not transfer a firearm to an individual that is not identified on the invoice. If you are purchasing a firearm for another individual, we will first have you complete a 4473 and then immediately have the next party do a private transfer on another 4473 for an additional $5. This will keep records clean and avoid a “straw purchase”

General Policies

I am a Type 1 FFL and am required by law to follow certain procedures and regulations. Some of these may not make sense and understand that they are outside of my control.

You are engaging in a regulated transaction and will be required to produce a valid Government Photo ID. I can only transfer a pistol or revolver to a Montana resident (Special exemptions can be made for active duty military). Please make sure your photo ID has your current address on it (Special exemptions are legally viable for active duty military that are assigned to a base outside their home state).  I am unable to continue a transaction without a valid Government ID with your current address on it. In the event, you have recently moved or your Government ID has a PO Box as your address, I can use some other forms of Government “Paperwork” to validate your address such as vehicle registration but you must be a resident of Montana.

It is Illegal for me to continue a transaction I know that you are purchasing the firearm for another individual. This is called a “Straw Purchase”. If you have questions about this, there is guidance from the ATF on question 11A of the ATF Form 4473 that you fill out for the purchase. Completing a web search on “ATF 4473 Question 11A” will provide plenty of information on this. When in doubt I use the only guidance provided by the ATF.

Firearms not claimed or transfer fees along with the storage fees mentioned in my transfer policies above are not paid in 3 months (90 consecutive calendar days) are considered forfeited and become the property of Eagle Eye Shooters Supply unless other arrangements have been made.

I am not a Gunsmith or Armorer. Purchase of a used firearm should always be inspected by a qualified Gunsmith or Armorer before firing.

Law enforcement duty guns always have priority in my shop.

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