My shop pricing

All pricing that we list or quote reflects a 3.5% cash discount

Outbound Firearm Transfer:

$20 for one Firearm (plus shipping)

$30 for two Firearms (plus shipping)

$40 for three Firearms (plus shipping)

For more than three Firearms $40 plus $5 for each additional firearm (plus shipping)

Inbound Transfer Fee for Firearms:

$20 for Transfers unless you have a CWP

$15 for Transfers for Valid Montana CWP holders, Active Duty or Reserve Military, Active Duty or Reserve Law Enforcement and First Responders (Discounts will no longer be stacked it will simply be a $15 transfer).

Additional Hand Gun Transfer $10. I only transfer a handgun (pistol or revolver) every 6 days (see my policies page). Each additional trip to pick up multiple handguns will result in a $10 charge to fill out the additional 4473 for the next handgun.

I have a $25 Loaded Firearm Fee. Do not ship, bring or handle a loaded firearm to my premises. Please see my policies page for my loaded firearm policies. This fee does not apply to customers who have a valid Concealed Weapons Permit and keep their firearm concealed.

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