My shop pricing

All pricing that we list or quote reflects a 3.5% cash discount

Outbound Firearm Transfer:

$20 for one Firearm (plus shipping)

$30 for two Firearms (plus shipping)

$40 for three Firearms (plus shipping)

For more than three Firearms $40 plus $5 for each additional firearm (plus shipping)

Inbound Transfer Fee for Firearms:

$20 for Transfers unless you have a CWP

$15 for Transfers for Valid Montana CWP holders, Active Duty or Reserve Military, Active Duty or Reserve Law Enforcement and First Responders (Discounts will no longer be stacked it will simply be a $15 transfer).

Additional Hand Gun Transfer $10. I only transfer a handgun (pistol or revolver) every 6 days (see my policies page). Each additional trip to pick up multiple handguns will result in a $10 charge to fill out the additional 4473 for the next handgun.

I have a $25 Loaded Firearm Fee. Do not ship, bring or handle a loaded firearm to my premises. Please see my policies page for my loaded firearm policies. This fee does not apply to customers who have a valid Concealed Weapons Permit and keep their firearm concealed.

Cerakote Pricing:


We do not remove staked sights. They will either be masked off ($20) or coated the same color as the slide (no extra charge).

There is a $50 upcharge for each color that we don’t normally stock. 


One Color $160.00

Two Color $200.00

Three Color $220.00

Each additional color past Three $20.00

Add Camo Pattern to 3 Color $65.00

Frame Only (Stripped) $70.00

Components only (trigger, mag release, safety, hammer, screws, etc.) $55.00

Slide Only (Stripped) $65.00

Glock Slide Upcharge (Replacement of Channel Liner) $5.00

There may be additional Glock Slide Upcharges depending on if your front sight is a screw on or not. See our refinishing policies to learn more) 

Barrels Only (Micro Slick or Cerakote) $45.00

Magazines Only $20.00

Magazines (done the same color as the gun or frame when that is coated and is the same color) $10.00

Magazine base plate only  $10.00

Staked Sights coated and dots painted $25.00

Taping off sights if not being coated $20.00

AR or AK Rifles:

Complete Gun One Color (Upper, Lower, Barrel (non-fluted), Hand Guard, Pistol Grip, Pins, and Fire Controls) $215.00

Complete Gun Two Colors $255.00

Complete Gun Three Colors $275.00

Three Color Camouflage Pattern $375.00

Four Color Camouflage Patterns $400.00

Five Color Camouflage Patterns $425.00

Barrel (Only) One Color (flash hider or muzzle brake the same color add $10) $60.00

Fluted Barrel (Only) Two Colors (flash hider or muzzle brake one of the same color add $10) $110.00

Buffer Tube (Only) $40.00

Flash Hider/Muzzle Brake (Only) $25.00

20/30 round Mags Only (Single Color) $30.00

Two 20/30 round Mags (Single Color) $50.00

Stripped AR Upper and Lower Set $110.00

Stripped AR Upper OR Lower Only $55.00

Micro Slick AR Stripped Bolt Carrier Group Only or Stripped Fire Control Group Only (Hammer and Trigger) $45.00

Forearm Only Single Color Non-Rail $40.00

Forearm Only under 10 inches Single Color (Picatinny Quad Rail, Keymod or other Rail Type) $50.00

Forearm Only over 10 inches Single Color (Picatinny Quad Rail, Keymod or other Rail Type) $60.00

A2 Stock Only (Single Color) $50.00

Adjustable Stock Only (Single Color) $75.00

308 AR Additional Charge $25.00

Other Rifles and Shotguns (Must be Disassembled):

Complete Rifle One Color (Receiver, Barrel (non-fluted), Pins, and Fire Controls)  $175.00

Complete Rifle Two Colors (Receiver, Barrel (non-fluted), Pins, and Fire Controls)  $205.00

Rifle or Shotgun Barrel Only (One Color) $60.00

Fluted Barrel (Only) Two Colors (flash hider or muzzle brake of coated one the same color add $10) $110.00

Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake (Only) $25.00

Rifle or Shotgun Stocks and non-railed Forearms Only (One Color) $90.00

Rifles and Shotguns AdjustableTactical Stocks Only (One Color) $125.00

Micro Slick Bolt (Stripped) $35.00


Scopes One Color (Must be done in C-Series) $70.00

Rings and Mounts (One Color) $30.00

Bipods (One Color) $40.00

Rail Covers (One Color)  $20.00

Additional handling charges:

Custom taping If you request taping off of parts on the gun $20 per item (i.e. a slide is considered an item, not the individual sights)

Stenciling work on optics $20.00 + cost of each color

Disassembly / Reassembly Is always on top of the Cerakote coating prices. It usually ranges between $50 – $75 depending on the Gun and difficulty. We will only do Disassembly and Reassembly of common handguns and AR or AK Rifles. Call for accurate pricing.

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